Portable range campaign.

Portable range campaign.

Renew your boat and save with Yamaha's portable engine campaign!

Summer is just around the corner, bringing with it the excitement of escaping to the beach and diving into the waters of the sea or discovering serenity from the deck of a boat. What better way to prepare for this season than by renewing your outboard motor with Yamaha?

For years, Yamaha outboard motors have been synonymous with innovation and quality. With a reputation for durability, top-quality components, and a wide range of options, Yamaha has earned its place as the leading brand in motors worldwide. And now, we have an additional reason for you to choose Yamaha: our special spring offer with discounts of up to 25% off the recommended retail price!

This offer is valid for our range of portable engines, from F2.5 to F9.9. Whether you're looking to power a small boat or a sailboat, Yamaha engines will provide the power and reliability needed for comfortable and safe navigation.

With unique prices, now is the perfect time to enjoy the sea with a Yamaha engine. And to make it even more accessible, we offer special financing conditions through Banco Cetelem S.A.U., available at your official Yamaha dealership.

Don't miss the opportunity to renew your boat and enjoy all the adventures the sea has to offer. Contact us today and get your new Yamaha engine!